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Uterine Snakes, A Modern Medusa Casting Board


A new collection featuring a modern take on Medusa.  A uterus created from snakes.

This collection is available in the following options, please choose your choice from the menu upon checkout:

Casting Boards:
11.5” x 11.5” Matte Vinyl on a faux maple composite. Offered in 4 variants:
•White with card placements (shown in example)
•Black with card placements
•White background, image only on board
•Black background, Image only on board

*please note all props used in photos, Tarot cards, Tarot tiles, Journals are not included, they are for display purpose only. 

Uterine Snakes, A modern Medusa is original artwork by Jamie Sawyer 6/2022 All Rights Reserved  


How this image came to be, a back story:

I was compelled to create this artwork in reaction to the SCOTUS overturning Roe V Wade.  Here is the excerpt that went along with the post on my facebook:

When words fail me I turn to art. I’ve tried to wrap my mind around this, even though we knew it was coming…

The simple fact is “they” told those of us who have a uterus that we no longer have full control over our bodies…

Don’t come at me with the BS that it’s now up to the states, as if that’s somehow better— it’s a problem since trigger laws have been pulled faster than the guns they so love.

Also don’t come at me with your religious beliefs assuming yours is the only one valid in a melting pot of millions. We do not align, we do not agree.

We have been betrayed by a country that claimed to show love. Just like Medusa was so long ago…

Look into our eyes, see how you have tried to turned us to stone?!? We are not yours to control, watch us shed the very skin that you dare try to control. This is far from over…

*this art is my channeled rage, feel free to use it if you feel called as well (for personal use) ; I only ask that you give me an artist credit if you do.

(I guess in the end my words did not fail, and I am still not my uterus…)