Deep Sleep Tarot Spread

Deep Sleep Tarot Spread

Loving the Deep Sleep: 

A Tarot Spread for the end of winter. 

February is the deep heart of winter here in the North East—the coldest, shortest, yet sometimes slowest month. (How is that even possible? Time has officially become irrelevant)...  It is a time to cozy up in  the last stretch of winter’s embrace. Face the period of gestation that hibernation has placed upon who you were and who you are becoming. The days are getting longer, the seeds are sprouting, even if they haven’t felt the urge to break through the ground’s surface.  Like those seeds, You are potential waiting to break free.  

Layout Positions:

  • 1- The frozen ground, the perceived obstacle
  • 2- Seed, your potential, possibilities, stirrings of a new phase
  • 3- Stem, a breakthrough, the push/catalyst that helps you find a way
  • 4- Leaves, the first offshoots of this new phase, what will it feel and look like?
  • 5- Bloom, this is your time to open up and face the world!  How you will show up, what beauty you bring.  

This spread can also be applied to any perceive hibernation time in your life; when you may feel you need a bit more clarity on what is sprouting. (Looking at you New Moon phase!) 

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