Sawyer’s Path Tarot, Deluxe Edition Final Printing

Sawyer’s Path Tarot, Deluxe Edition Final Printing

The Campaign is over.

Thank you to all who backed the project! 

*the campaign ran from Sept 7, 2021 til Sept 28, 2021.


Sawyer’s Path was the first Tarot deck I created. I look at it as the key that opened a door to this amazingly secret world.  One that has connected me to so many amazing souls, as well as has on occasion left me questioning my place in the world. Tarot has become more than a passion, it’s now a way of life.  
I am retiring this deck in card form after this campaign, meaning the decks that ultimately get ordered will be all that exist— once they are gone they are gone! 
There are many reasons why as an Artist, I may choose to retire a deck.  Truth be told, I want to be able to focus on new projects without having to keep up stock levels.  I love Sawyer’s Path Tarot and everything it has brought to my life, I’m eager to give it the send off it deserves.  
For the first time ever it will be joined with the precursor red pencil sketch deck: Tarot 33.6– Reading with them together is such a fun way to get mixed readings.  The blended deck “SPT 33.6- Tarot Transitions” happened by accident.  I was creating the guide book for the box set and wanted to section off the sides, my mother’s word that are from the original Sawyer’s Path guide, with my thoughts behind the initial sketches.  
It was only after, that I realized since I would be doing an image for each page that I could easily make a deck out of it— which I did and I LOVE it!  If I’m being honest the blended deck has stolen the show for me, especially when paired with the other 2.  It adds a transition layer of what once was out of focus is coming into  clarity. Here they are paired with cards from the Pocket of Peers Tarot:
See how the tower gives way to a creative (empress) event which then sets sights on building a new future? I love layered readings, if you’ve been following me for a while then you know this! 
A little bit about Kickstarter 
Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform.  Basically the campaign will run for 21 days in which people pledge for rewards. Then once successfully funded the decks will be made.  Once I receive the decks, then all rewards will ship out. 
This is how I brought Pocket of Peers to life and was able to have some for sale in the shop. 

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