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Pocket of Peers Digital Guidebook


An interactive digital guidebook paired with the Pocket of Peers Tarot Deck and Tiles. An 80 card Tarot deck featuring individuals from the ever growing divination community. Based in tradition with a modern twist. 

**Free with Purchase of a Tile Set or Deck. Discount Code/QR Code will be included with your Tile or Deck shipment. 

100 linked digital pages for use in .pdf readers such as: GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf and more.  

Written by Jamie Sawyer.  The companion to Pocket of Peers Tarot Deck and Tiles. 
Featuring contributions from some of the Peers in the deck with links to their websites or social media handles if you wish to explore their wisdom further.

•Text is in English 

*Please note the layout for the digital guide is NOT the same as the physical guide.  The information is the same, but due to design purposes this is an interactive digital guidebook, not a printable one. 

To see the guide in action visit the video in the Kickstarter Campaign HERE

To purchase a copy of the Physical Guidebook  CLICK HERE